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Artificial grass

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Artificial grass

We are considering artificial grass for a small section of our front yard as it seems easier than planting turf. Any negatives we should consider beyond ensuring that we get one that looks as real as possible and has as few joins as possible? Has anyone had experience with DIY and artificial turf? I've attached a photo I took of a neighbour's place which I think looks pretty good and would be maintenance free.





Artificial Grass.JPG


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Re: Artificial grass

I’d be wary if you live in an area with hot summers. I’ve found walking on artificial grass with bare feet unbearable. But for a front garden that might not be a big deal. I’ve seen that you can now install it yourself, but I’d be paying a professional to ensure the best result.

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Re: Artificial grass

I've done my backyard in fake turf in two houses now and wouldn't have it any other way. Literally the only downside IMO is that it gets hot in summer, but I've made sure there's a small area of shade for my dog and kids to play and wear flip flops on those 38deg or higher days when it can get too hot being barefoot.

Depending on the area you plan to install it, and of course your skill/confidence, it's.not too hard to install. I paid a pro to do the main entertainment area of my backyard but I'm.doing down the side of the house myself (this wknd).

The prep is key and knowing a little trick to the joins ensures you won't see the join lines.
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Re: Artificial grass

Looking forward to seeing the photos of your work, @ProjectPete.



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