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Installing a benchtop dishwasher


Installing a benchtop dishwasher

Hi all, I am wondering if a benchtop dishwasher can be installed into an under-benchtop space that exists for a full dishwasher? I am interested in putting it under the bench on a shelf and attaching straight into the taps underneath, as a standard dishwasher would be, and having a drawer underneath to give me some extra storage. would the dishwasher work ok in this situation? i would imagine it would but just want to be sure before I plan it all.

Would love some advice please!


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Re: Installing a benchtop dishwasher

Hi @Jen1960,


Welcome to Workshop. We're pleased you could join the community and hope that you get lots of great advice and inspiration for your projects from our members.


I would imagine this might be a question best directed to the dishwasher manufacturer. But if you could share the make and model number, it might help members find relevant information for you. We also have members with plumbing experience, such as @LePallet, who might be able to provide general advice.


All the best,



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Re: Installing a benchtop dishwasher

hello @Jen1960
i have been out of the Plumbing game for a while now but ill be happy to share my advise if it is  usefull or not.


i am just tryng to picture what a benchtop dishwasher is. I dont see why you couldnt place it where the old dishwaher was and by giving you extra storage underneath is actually a really good idea. We all love extra storage. 


would you be able to post a photo of this dishwasher?

Place it in the space, if the door opens fine and the water connections are hooked up properly, the main convern is the water waste dishcharge pipe making sure it is installed to the given instructions 


I hope this has helped 

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Re: Installing a benchtop dishwasher

Here's an example of a benchtop dishwasher @LePallet.




But I think @Jen1960 should instead be investigating a dishdrawer dishwasher, which are ideal in small kitchens. 



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Re: Installing a benchtop dishwasher

Oh yes I see now,  my opinion is I’m not a fan of the benchtop one. It’s small and an eyesore. I would Also recommend the draw dishwasher. 

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Re: Installing a benchtop dishwasher

Oh sorry I miss read the comments, I don’t see what the problem would be with your idea. If it fits well and the door opens then I would do it if you have purbshed it already. It does seem small though and maybe it would be worth upgrading to the proper draw one.

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