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Advice for building a cupboard

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Advice for building a cupboard

How do you custom build a 6 draw cupboard  .900 high.550 wide 1.700 long. I would like to know how to construct the frame. Thanx 

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Re: Advice for building a cupboard

Welcome to Workshop @nonobetter. We're pleased to have you join us and trust you will learn a lot from our community members. 


Can you tell us a bit more about your project so members can provide more specific advice? What type of cupboard do you want to build? What materials do you plan on using? Do you have a rough sketch and/or a photo of the area that you could share so members can see what you are working with? And is there anything in particular that you need help with?


You might also find the guides on the Bunnings website useful for getting started. For example, there's a guide to assembling a three drawer cupboard. I have also attached the video below.


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Re: Advice for building a cupboard

You may get something from this e-book even though it is American and they use faceframes and plywood mostly where we use melamine.


I do prefer dowels over pocket holes if the holes can be seen even with the plugs you can get.

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