Fitting second hand doors

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Fitting second hand doors

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Question? I've bought 4 second hand doors have everything but a plane. All geared up to do it. Most people are telling me get a professional in. Friends who said buy and we'll help are now telling me get a professional in. Is it really that hard and would my money be wasted buying a wood plane, plain..... More of a **bleep** than anything 

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Re: Fitting second hand doors

Hi @Catherine1,


There's steps on how to hang a door on the Bunnings website that is a good place for you to get started. Then you might be able to ask more specific questions of Workshop members to help you complete the job. I'm sure you are more than capable of the job! 


I'll also included the video below.






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Re: Introduce yourself to the community

My input is to purchase some 'brick wedges'
These are little plastic wedges that will help you to get the right height on the door as you fix it to the hinges.
They have ridges so they won't slide out and the wedge shape let you adjust the height to suit each door.
Put some under the door (furthest from hinge and closest to hinge) and adjust to suit (hint - one each side in each location to also adjust tilt.

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