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Kids' garden gloves at least as good as "sock gloves"


Kids' garden gloves at least as good as "sock gloves"

My pre-school kids love gardening, but when I am doing things like weeding (where I am wearing gloves) I worry about their hands getting prickles or insect bites.  The kids like wearing "sock-gloves", but then I have to worry about protecting the bare feet that they just exposed by taking their socks off.  Any suggestions, as I've found it hard to find gardening gloves small and flexible enough for them to work with, even when they are a designated "kids" size?

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Re: Kids' garden gloves at least as good as "sock gloves"

Thanks for posting and welcome to Workshop @bradthumb. It's great to have you as part of the community. I look forward to reading about your projects.


As you're a gardener you might like to tell us about your favourite plant in your garden or just introduce yourself to the rest of the community


I hope Workshop members have some suggestions for you about kids gloves. It's certainly never too early to introduce youngsters to the joys of gardening! These gloves look soft and flexible but might still be too big for your pre-schoolers. Hopefully other members have some recommendations.



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Re: Kids' garden gloves at least as good as "sock gloves"

Hey @bradthumb,


Your post got me intrested to research what alternatives were available for kids working in the garden. There isn't much out there from what I could find. 


My suggestion would be to get your kids a pair of desiginated garden "sock gloves". Then they can wear those whenever they are in the garden. 


Otherwise I thought maybe you could try using small rubber gloves. Bunnings has gloves like these They are rubber so they grip to fingers quite easily and are a bit more flexible than the general kids gardening gloves. They still might be a bit big though. 


Good luck! I would be interested in the solution that works best!



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Re: Kids' garden gloves at least as good as "sock gloves"

Saw these at Bunnings today and remembered about this old discussion.


Did you end up finding some @bradthumb?


I bought some Cyclone synthetic leather ones today. They feel really flexible



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