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The group hug thread

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The group hug thread

I'd like to congratulate & thank the founders, the developers & of course, a huge warm fuzzy goes out for all you genuinely lovely DIYers.

Learning from others, rather than TV shows that peddle sponsor merchandise, has without doubt, made my life so much easier.

This site is a dream come true for me, & I whole heartedly thank you all for allowing me access.

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: The group hug thread

Many thanks for embracing Workshop with such enthusiasm @Andy_Mann. It's great to have you as one of our founding members. 


We really passionately believe that there is real power in community. We can always learn a lot from each other, whether it’s just a few quick tips, or inspiration and advice for a massive project. We encourage everyone to participate by asking questions, sharing information, knowledge, experience and ideas.



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Re: The group hug thread

Well said Andy_Mann.  I have been browsing the site and am noticing how well Jason caters to so many different interests and makes the atmosphere very friendly and welcoming.  That takes a lot of energy and he makes it look effortless. Thanks to the whole team.

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