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Current reno of my she-shed!

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Current reno of my she-shed!

Hi everyone - as my love and interest in DIY continues to grow I found I needed an adequate area to accommodate this. I needed decent storage and a portable workbench that would be suitable for my drop saw but found it hard to find anything that ticked all the boxes. 

So I tried my best at creating my own. This way I could measure it to fit in my garage and keep my car in the garage at night. 

I’ve uploaded some pics but interested to know if there’s anything else I should add or any helpful tips. FYI - my workbench now has lockable castor wheels so it’s portable. 



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Re: Current reno of my she-shed!

It's looking great! Looks like you've got plenty of storage, a decent work area, and are very organised. 


Maybe you could just utilise the space above your workbench a little more for storage? And I don't see any power for charging tools etc?


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Re: Current reno of my she-shed!

Thanks heaps Marty! Can always do with extra storage and good idea to utilise the space and extend over the workbench.
I have an old buffet on the other side where I store all the other tools and unfortunately only able to charge them that side as well.
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Re: Current reno of my she-shed!



You might get some ideas for storage from this new Bunnings video:



Hope it's helpful.





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Re: Current reno of my she-shed!

That is a great example of planning and execution, well done. I also share a workspace in a garage - with 2 cars and a prized motorbike. Luckily, I share your organisational skills ... hahaha


IMG_20180523_204341.jpgSome shelves could work, although NOTHING goes above the bike!



Re: Current reno of my she-shed!


Hi, have a look at what I've done with my shed. I used structural pine to make the shelves such that once bolted to the shed frame they had only to support the vertical load (in your brick garage bolt some uprights to the wall). I bought 2,400 x 1,200 MDF at Bunnings and had it cut in two, getting the perfect shelf size to fit those see through plastic crates with lid always available at Bunning's entrance, so that they fit in length not width. Can store stacks of stuff and can see what's inside (plus labels here and there where needed), stuff inside is reasonably protected from dust and moisture. Over a couple of years I've tidied up (mostly) all the mountain of stuff we have.

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