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Converting a van into a camper?

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Converting a van into a camper?

Hi Workshoppers,


I'm heading to Europe in a couple of months and will be buying a van to covnert to a camper. Has anyone had any experience with this type of project?


If so, I'd love to hear how your build went!

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Re: Converting a van into a camper?



G'day Willow,


I have been around Europe many a year ago but never in my own vehicle. Unfortunately I haven't converted a van to camper so I can't really give you any hints.  What I have done around Australia in our van is to have a long hard look at what electronic devices you intend to use (ie. fridge, lights, computers, phones etc).  

I can only recomend that you set up a good 12v/24v system that is easily charged either by electrical charging or onboard solar (keeping in mind that outlets are different overseas to Aust, as well as voltages).

I am keen to see how you go.  Please keep us updated during the build.




Community Manager Jason
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Re: Converting a van into a camper?

Hi @Willow,


Great to see you make your first post. And what an exciting project!


Like @darylhewston, I'm also keen to read more about what you have in mind. Have you seen any vans that have inspired you? If so, maybe you could share some photos and some more detail about your plans.



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Re: Converting a van into a camper?

Here are some examples of what we're looking to do:


Van 2Van 1

Van 3Van 4


My favourite is this one below (from @thevanventure on instagram). Having a full-time setup is a must for us but this design also allows for a full kitchen and seating at a table. Also liking the light colours and natural timber look.


Van 5Van 6


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Re: Converting a van into a camper?

Wow, how exciting for you. Looking forward to reading more. I would love to one day travel around Australia in a campervan.

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Re: Converting a van into a camper?

Would also love to do this.



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