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CNC router

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CNC router

Doesen't time fly I have been kept busy with the construction of a CNC router. A colleague of mine at the shed and I have had our hands full with this construction plus other project. 

In between I have started and inspired to build a tenor ukulele. In past post someone wanted to know about the building of a ukulele, which I am happy to provide what information I have.

I have cut templates for the body the neck  and the profile for the bending jig. The information is in dxf format and can be exported to PDF as a 1:1 scale to cut templates with. I use Fusion 360 to model the ukulele which is free from AutoCad 

Photos to follow shortly of the ukulele construction.

However a ouple of photos of our CNCIMG_1605.jpgour CNC is 1.5m x 2mIMG_1633.jpgIMG_1637.jpgSom

Photos of the bending jig for the sides. the jig needs now to be asembled

Marking template for body of the ukulele and the marking guide for the robs of the ukulele

IMG_1641.jpgBending jig for sidesIMG_1642.jpgmarking template for ribsIMG_1643.jpgBody marking template



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