Made this sink for the back yard. I just used fence palings, a flower pot and some tin and the pump.

by Super66
October 2016

2016-05-10 12.07.50-1.jpg

2016-05-10 12.06.57.jpg

I use a 15l tank for the water supply.


2016-05-10 12.08.31.jpg

Bottle opener on the side


2016-05-28 17.34.28.jpg

led lights at nigt

by Kermit
October 2016

Looks terrific, well done. I like the addition of the LED lights. They certainly offer a lot of flexibility in being able to be added to almost anything.

by Caz1
October 2016

Love it. Very creative😆

by brendaw

 looks awesome ! Is the pump conected to a garden hose ?

by fishm8

Love it!!

by Super66

It use a 15L built in water tank for the water supply.. Just have to fill the tank up with a hose....