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Welcome to your Workshop

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Welcome to your Workshop.


Australians and Kiwis are incredibly house proud, and have an ever-increasing appetite for home improvement. We start around seven million DIY and home improvement projects every year. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to finish them. 


Workshop will help everyone to do it themselves. We'll give you the support you need to D.I.Y. and feel what it’s like to enjoy a job well done. It's a place to help ignite imagination, foster D.I.Y. conversation and celebrate your accomplishments.


This is a friendly, welcoming community. We encourage everyone to participate by asking questions, sharing information, knowledge and inspiration. We can always learn a lot from each other, whether it’s just a few tips to MacGyver a quick fix, or inspiration for a massive project.


Everyone can browse and use the search tool for locating specific posts, but I encourage you all to register so you can post your own messages. A great way to get started is introducing yourself or telling us what project you'd like to tackle next.


We have a comprehensive help section to assist newcomers, but please let me know if you need any assistance with getting the most from the site.


We look forward to you joining in the conversation and learning about your projects. Remember, this is your Workshop.



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Thanks for the invitation to join. Looks good. Marty

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Thanks for setting up this forum!  I’m Irene, an Early Childhood Educator from Brisbane.  I’m into anything to do with succulents, upcycling/recycling for the home and garden, and sustainability.  A  project i’d Like to try is making lightweight concrete (foamcrete, perhaps??) garden furniture.  Looking forward to being in contact with some like-minded peeps. 

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Welcome @MzB and many thanks for introducing yourself. It's fantastic you could join us. I'm sure you will find that our community members provide lots of helpful advice, information and inspiration for your projects. 


For your garden furniture project, I would encourage you to click on the Start a discussion button and post in the Outdoor messageboard. You might like to post some photos of similar furniture that others have made so members can see what you're trying to achieve and make more useful and detailled suggestions.


Please let me know if you ever need a hand getting the most from the site.




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