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Top 10 most popular kids projects

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Entertaining kids is never easy, but most of us would prefer if our youngsters were busy playing outside or tackling a craft project rather than being glued to a screen.


Fortunately, Workshop community members have provided plenty of inspiration for great projects to build that can keep children happy and entertained for countless hours.

Marty constructed the cubby using pallet wood without plansMarty constructed the cubby using pallet wood without plans 

Here’s the top 10 most popular kids projects on Workshop by pageviews:


1. Pallet cubby house by @Yorky88


Pallet maestro Marty decided to build this fantastic cubby from pallet wood “on a whim” one weekend. He built it without plans, and like the fantastic D.I.Y. cubby house creation from @woodalwaysworks in this build discussion, it is an “open project” that is changing over time as the kids grow older.  


2. D.I.Y. kids sandpit and chalkboard by @LePallet


After receiving ta cubby from a friend, Rylie made a sandpit, giant chalkboard and pencil-like colourful posts to compliment the cubby and play area. Rylie also generously shared advice for how to replicate the projects.


3. Handmade fridge magnet fidget spinner toys by @AndrewJones


While the fidget spinner craze might be died down, these attractive timber toys remain very popular with the Workshop community. Master woodworker Andrew has even shared a build video with us so you can create your own.   

 Craft play table with handy storage drawersCraft play table with handy storage drawers

4. Children’s craft play table by @Yorky88


This fantastic kids craft table features a wide play area, drawers for storage and blackboard panels to let youngsters explore their creativity.  


5. Kids cubby house by @ProjectPete


You can just imagine how excited Pete’s kids must have been when they received this gorgeous bespoke cubby house for Christmas. It features tongue-and-groove cladding, a custom picket fence and even a planter box.


6. D.I.Y. LEGO character display frame by @Kim


This clever and attractive display frame for Lego mini figures is a simple weekend project you could do with your kids, or alternatively it would make for an amazing present.

 Display frame for LEGO minifigsDisplay frame for LEGO minifigs

7. Wooden model Mack truck by @Wayne


Passionate woodworker Wayne crafted this wonderful wooden toy entirely from scratch, carefully and patiently following plans he purchased online.


8. Tepee cubby house made from pallets by @Yorky88


Another clever use of recycled pallet timber from Marty, this time the cubby is shaped like a tepee.


9. D.I.Y. outdoor table tennis table by @Yorky88


Another fun project from Marty, this sturdy outdoor table tennis table was constructed as a group project with students.


10. Pallet wood toy chest by @Jonb


Dubbed “the Blackbeard”, this large toy chest was built to last.

A toy chest that is made to last from pallet woodA toy chest that is made to last from pallet wood



Other fantastic kids project ideas


Workshop community members have shared many other fun and creative kids project ideas.


Make sure you also check out the following posts:





 Sandpit with fold-out seatsSandpit with fold-out seats




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If you have ideas about how to keep the kids entertained during these challenging times, we encourage you to share them with the Workshop community. 




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