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Walk in shower or cubicle?

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Walk in shower or cubicle?

We are renovating our main bathroom. The trend these days seems to be open plan and walk in showers. They are probably easier to keep clean with no glass, although water gets splashed around a bit further. But here in Melbourne it’s cold in winter and I think it will be cold and drafty. What do you think?





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Re: Walk in shower or cubicle?

I don't have to deal with the Melbourne cold and draft so my preference (and current shower) is walk in with a shower head at each end - it's about 2m long. Looks great and it's enjoyable.

Currently it's open but too much water was escaping so there's a shower curtain on there but I will most likely enclose with a swinging or sliding door - just not looking forward to the extra cleaning.
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Re: Walk in shower or cubicle?

Personally, I’d much rather shower in an enclosed space. It is really good to consider accessibility though. You never know when you might get an injury or a disability and need easy, no step access. It’s also great for those of us who are getting older!



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Re: Walk in shower or cubicle?

Walk in definietly.  That's the plan for our place when I get around to ripping out the bath.  Less cleaning and opportunities to trip. 

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Re: Walk in shower or cubicle?

I would love a walk-in shower in our bathroom renovation however, our bathroom is a weird L-shape and I think I will need a corner shower due to space...


I'm also not convinced that a walk-in shower won't leave the bathroom covered in water!

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Re: Walk in shower or cubicle?

We are already planning a walk-in shower for our next home.  I don't mind a little extra water in the bathroom (until it drains anyway) compared to constantly cleaning the glass.  I particularly love the open-plan look.


Removing the trip hazard of the cubicle edge for young children is also very important. I don't want them tripping into, or out-of the shower.

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Re: Walk in shower or cubicle?

I'm a big fan of the walk-in shower, but I'm a bit of a claustrophobe and don't like being closed in. If they're positioned correctly in your space, you shouldn't end up with water all over the bathroom. 

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