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Before and after laundry renovation

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Before and after laundry renovation

Just finished my laundry reno – thought I would share with the group.


Our laundry connects with our only guest toilet, so we wanted to create a space that functioned as a laundry, but also served as a guest bathroom.


We tried to maximise the space with new cabinetry -  the washing machine is now tucked away inside the tall cupboard, with provision for a dryer on top (yet to purchase).


Couple of things to finish it off – we plan on adding in shelving inside the cupboard above the washing machine until it comes time to purchase a dryer.


We also need to paint our back door and add in a handrail for the handtowel.


Anyone else going through a laundry reno? Share your pics! Happy to share advice and do my best to answer any questions.





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Re: Laundry reno – before/after

Looks fantastic. Love how clean it looks thanks to the tall cupboard hiding the appliances. Well done.

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Re: Laundry reno – before/after

@Ajmod brilliant outcome, I love the space efficiency & clean design.

My only advice would be to stick with the storage shelves, & forget the power hungry clothes dryer. Keeps money in your pocket, & saves a whole lot of energy, & is hassle free. You needn't take my advice, but we've been through 3 clothes dryers, & are thrilled to be rid of them all. A simple & very effective all weather alternative, is an extender line in your garage.

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Re: Laundry reno – before/after

Hello @Ajmod, well done you !  A guest bathroom to be proud of - with a wonderful extra of being a laundry ! I love the colour pallet you have chosen and the clean lines. Cheers.

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Re: Laundry reno – before/after

Awesome job! Nice transformation! ICYMI Here's the reno I did

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Re: Laundry reno – before/after

Oh Andy Mann! How can you bag the poor old clothes dryer? I've been using mine for about seven years now and as I fold things while they're still warm I have no need to iron. Even if I don't grab things immediately, things like tshirts and jeans or shorts are fine if they are folded neatly. From the dryer they're not all scrunched up like they are if you hang them out. Not having to iron saves money on power and helps to 'get a life' when you work full time and have kids. We use our drier two or three times a week and our power bill is much less than my girlfriends who hardly uses hers. 


Not sure how long it took you to go through three dryers but buy a Bosch. Such great quality and great star rating.

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Laundry reno – before/after



We find that if we vigorously shake our clothes before hanging them up on the clothes line nice and straight we can usually get away without ironing. 


We try to avoid using the clothes dryer as much as possible but during Melbourne winters sometimes you don't have a choice...



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