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Hi All, I have a few timber burls that I want to sand back/prep for possibly a coffee table or a wall clock....or something I haven't thought of yet.. ...

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I go to garden centres or gaze at Pinterest and longingly wish that I could make my own garden art. Does anyone else ever feel that way.?..

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Hello to all you DIY addicts This is my first time posting in discussion so bare with me, but happy to be apart of a page that respects every ones ...

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I like seeing photos of people's handiwork in the Aussie mancaves Facebook page. Here's a good one I saw recently of an old shed turned into a backyar ...

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At this time of year many people are considering tidying up their garage. Fortunately, there's lots of great information and products available for ...

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need to get some ideas on what are the different areas of workshop

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I’ve made a lot of desks and benchtops in my time and love the look of natural timber grain. The problem is that I have never been able to get a go ...