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Hi guys Was reading up and trying to find a good product for cleaning grout in bathrooms and kitchen floor tiles. The only thing l was able to ...

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A young lady recently asked me for some ideas on how to layout her bathroom. It was a long room and it was divided in half with a wall right down the ...

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Is there a video available showing how to Assemble and fit in place 1800mm wardrobe from Fantastic Furniture? Thank you Carol.

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Our current house has a tiny and very basic laundry which is due for a much needed revamp. With such limited space, i'm considering a washer dryer com ...

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Hi Everyone, Just though id ask what everyones opinions are on the best product/s to use to clean a shower. My shower has small black tiles on 3 wal ...

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Like most people, I do not enjoy cleaning. But I do love a clean bathroom. How often do you clean your bathroom? Do you just do it whenever you have a ...

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I recently moved to an apartment with the bathroom having glass shower door. This is the first time I have a bathroom with glass shower door. I a ...

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Hi there,I have recently just built some shelving for our linen cupboard and am now looking at how to put a door on it. I'm thinking bi folds so that ...

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The Easter break is an opportunity for many of us to get stuck into jobs around the house that we've been putting off for a while. I suspect a tou ...