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Garage and Shed Painting

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I could never find the right spot to put all my tape...So I 3D printed some brackets to put dowl rod in to hold the tape on my peg boardI love it, I c ...

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He’s a walk-through of what we have progressed to in the build of this man cave/sleepout/shed garage.

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  Does anyone know the best way to go about preping and painting these 'black steel' angle irons? I'm painting with black rustguard epoxy enamel topc ...

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We have had to scrape the paint and a heap of plaster off the garage ceiling. It was in bad shape- just been Hodges up over the years befire we bought ...

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Hi All, I have a few timber burls that I want to sand back/prep for possibly a coffee table or a wall clock....or something I haven't thought of yet.. ...

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Hello to all you DIY addicts This is my first time posting in discussion so bare with me, but happy to be apart of a page that respects every ones ...

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Building a childs electric dingy from marine ply and pine seeking advice on priming to seal from water entering wood

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I’ve made a lot of desks and benchtops in my time and love the look of natural timber grain. The problem is that I have never been able to get a go ...

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