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Garage and Shed Flooring

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Hello workshop community, Hoping you can help! I'm in the process of reducing moisture in a small shed (about 2.65m x 1.8m). It's attached directly to ...

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G’day one and all, Ive just come across this site - how awesome is it! Anyway i’ll kick off my fist post with my 12x6 timber framed double gara ...

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He’s a walk-through of what we have progressed to in the build of this man cave/sleepout/shed garage.

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Hi my shed is only in it's position for six months so it is in dirt which is about 90% level. The rain seeps in one side. I've put pavers against the ...

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So after what has been close to a year of planning I have finally completed my garage floor. It took a lot longer to get this project off the grou ...

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I want to paint my garage floor but it has some engine oil marks and few cracks. Please help how to prepare and paint ASAP

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Hello everyone. I plan to buy those sheds in and build it on my back yard.My question is what can you guys recommend as my base or floo ...

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hi guys I jwant to do wood flooring in my garage this is my first time doing it please give me any advice how can I do it myself

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need to get some ideas on what are the different areas of workshop

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