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repair ceiling cracks

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repair ceiling cracks

1) what is the best way to repair ceiling cracks?

2) is there any electric sander(with dust catcher bag) available to help with the sanding?

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Re: repair ceiling cracks

It depends what type of ceiling ie plaster glass, gyprock,old lath ceiling
Where are the cracks located , edge , midspan, etc
BTW...Photos also help.
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Re: repair ceiling cracks

Welcome to the Workshop community @AlexWong. We hope that our community members can be a great source of helpful information and inspiration for all your projects, including this one.


As @BIM_Engineer said in his reply, it would be helpful if you got back to us and provided more information about your house and some photos if possible. 


The Bunnings D.I.Y. advice about How to repair cracks in plaster might also be of assistance as a starting point. I have attached the video below.


Thanks again for your post, we look forward to hearing from you again soon with some more information about this projects and others you might have planned.




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Re: repair ceiling cracks

Drywall sanders that you connect to a shop vacuum are available on ebay and Bunnings . Some people avoid the dust issue by so called wet sanding with sponges see and and etc ; it does work but it is much more laborious. Note also that CSR Gyprock and the Ottwa Design and Building DIY channel both have a useful series of DIY videos on repairing, replacing and installing drywall ceilings .

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