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Who got treated this Xmas?

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Who got treated this Xmas?

I know there's more to Xmas than just gifts, but the gifts are a pretty great part of it, especially when you're treated to some tools by friends and/or family...and/or yourself 


What did everyone end up with?


I was lucky enough to be treated by #wifey to a new Bosch 50m Laser Distance Measurer with digital level and Bluetooth  Already given it a bit of a workout at the new house when checking the tiler's work and prepping for my polished concrete floors. Super simple, appears very accurate and has some great features in being able to measure distance, level, sqm, cubic metres, ability to save alland control from phone.


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Re: Who got treated this Xmas?

This little baby is the top of the pops! You certainly got a great xmas gift!
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Re: Who got treated this Xmas?

Good topic @ProjectPete. I'm looking forward to seeing what other members had in their Christmas stockings. 


My birthday was just before Christmas, and a bunch of the extended family got together and gave me a Char-Griller Akorn Junior. I'm looking forward to throwing the first brisket in it - hopefully on the weekend! Seeing it's nice and small, I think it will be fun to do some experimentation. I might need some tips from @MoonshineBen on some smaller cuts of meat to play with. So far I'm thinking brisket, ribs, chicken wings and beef cheeks, but I'd welcome more suggestions. 



541ddbb9-a8fc-45d4-ac60-449f27d72e55.jpgChar-Griller Akorn Junior Kamado Charcoal BBQ


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Re: Who got treated this Xmas?

Nice one @Jason - word of warning...the BBQ addiction is real!


One of the simplest but still awesome things to do is crispy smoked wings. Easy (and cheap) to experiment with but always with awesome results. Enjoy!

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