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What's your favourite gadget?

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

What's your favourite gadget?

It's a big day for gadget lovers, with Apple overnight announcing the first waterproof iPhones and Sony unveiling new PlayStation 4 models. 


Today I'm keen to hear about the gadgets you can't live without, whether its toys just for fun, gizmos that make your life easier, or serious tools that help you get jobs done.


What are some of your favourite gadgets?



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Re: What's your favourite gadget?

I'm a long-time gamer, so the games consoles are some of my favourite gadgets. Plus of course the phone for gaming on the go. My favourite is probably still the PS3 though because its such a good media player and with its PlayTV add-on gets used every day in our house.

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Re: What's your favourite gadget?

Couldn't live without my iPhone. Not sure I need one that's waterproof, but a tougher (non-shattering) screen would be good....

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