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What project do you want to tackle next?

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Re: What project do you want to tackle next?

Another little splashback upgrade over the weekend as planned, plus some new taps. Got a few bits and pieces like this to do before selling this house - some boring (painting), some more interesting (tiling) but nothing I'm overly excited about But that's what the new home is for

Apologies in advance (as always) for my poor photo taking skills.




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Re: What project do you want to tackle next?

Last time I painted my eave and fascia boards was 22 years ago My color bond gutter is still in good nick for 33 years 'but it looks old. and so is the eave and fascia boards. I was going to worry about it until the wormer wither comes. But not know what is the best paint to use.
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Re: What project do you want to tackle next?

Hi @tallpaul,


Thanks for joining in the discussion and a very warm welcome to Workshop. We hope you get loads of helpful information and inspiration for your projects from our community members. Feel free to post whenever you need assistance or have something new to share. 


Just to clarify, would you like a recommendation for what paint to use for your eaves and fascia boards?




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