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What are your Easter plans?

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

What are your Easter plans?

It's not always easy to get stuck into home improvement projects in a busy normal weekend, but the Easter break can present a good opportunity to get stuck into a project and finish it.


What are your plans this Easter? 


Are you planning to pick up a paintbrush, get stuck into the garden, or perhaps rejuvenate the kitchen or bathroom?


If you're after some inspiration, the Workshop gallery is full of wonderful projects, or you can find six indoor projects you can complete in a weekend on the Bunnings website. And if the weather is good, here's nine autumn outdoor projects you might like to tackle.  


Let us know your plans for the long weekend, even if they involve simply having a well-deserved break. 






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Re: What are your Easter plans?

I'll be painting at least one day. Just a few touch-up jobs outside. 

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Re: What are your Easter plans?

i will be working all thru easter ,one of the busiest weekends of the year for me,but everyone else,enjoy your easter
cheers kel
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Re: What are your Easter plans?

Staining the front deck - back one's done.
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Re: What are your Easter plans?

Taking it easy over the break with family stuff, eating lots and enjoying a few drinks. I'll be doing a bit more floorboard shopping done no doubt and looking to make progress on my new pool design.

I'm off to Bali next Wed for a week though so getting a good/long break in
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Re: What are your Easter plans?

Finish the workbench, finish and hang a basketball backboard I’ve been ‘making’ for 10 months, finish a new roof frame for the greenhouse. There’s probably something else to finish as well...

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Re: What are your Easter plans?

Put a lip on my drywall cart and painted it blue, much nicer than the original orange.

Routed some dog holes in 2x4 for the end of my assembly bench, still 2 side pieces to route and stick on.

Fired up the BBQ.

Bit the bullet and ordered 2 Kreg Mobile Project Centres. I will in some ways borrow Wayne's idea of a downdraft table but with dog holes, Original plan was to sit it on the Kreg tables but I think I will go with castors and match the height with them.

Waiting on a router bit so I can try a fold up mitre box for her indoors.

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