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We have lift-off!

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We have lift-off!

Well after months of delays due to everything from weather to design changes to me breaking my leg on-site… (yes, still in plaster…) we finally have our floor framing in!!!
This is the biggest stage of our owner-builder reno & extension project.
Most of this will be deck & undercover outdoor entertaining space but it will also include a purpose-built home-office (far end on the right) & new master bedroom (left above pool).

We used steel for the floor framing for ease of build – cost is slightly higher but you gain on speed of assembly and virtually zero wastage. It's also a lot stronger so avoids the traditional bearer & joist multi-layered arrangement although I did have them add sub-bearers in a couple of spots.

Can’t recommend SteelMax highly enough. You basically send them the plans & then you get everything on the back of a truck pre-cut, all you have to do is match the bits up & put them together like a giant Meccano project. They can do everything from decks to entire house floor frames.
I'll keep you updated as we progress!

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Re: We have lift-off!

Wow, looks like a fantastic project @Adam_W. Looking forward to seeing your progress. 


Hope the plaster comes off soon...




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Re: We have lift-off!

Have you got plans you could share @Adam_W?


I'm particularly keen to see the office layout. 


Are you going to have a slide down from the deck to the pool? 

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Re: We have lift-off!

I'll post some plans a little later @MartyH

The office layout will be determined as we finish the space. I plan to have a custom corner benchtop made for the actual 'desk' as I like having loads of benchtop space. Probably need to talk with a local kitchen supplier for that.
A slide... in our daughters dreams
Funnily enough though we do have enough deck space on the other side to put one in so it has been discussed they are just absurdly expensive. Might get the essential stuff done first.

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