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Waxing a sealed wooden floor


Waxing a sealed wooden floor

Hi i would like to get some information about waxing my existing wooden floor which has become really daggy. I need to know what type of wax to use for a floor that has already been sealed nay advice will be gratefully received. I am also looking for an old floor polisher if anyone has any advice on where i can get one of these i have already tried ebay and gumtree?

Many thanks


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Re: Waxing a sealed wooden floor

Hi Jackie (@jacobat),


Welcome to Workshop. It's fantastic to have you join the community. I hope you find plenty of great advice and information on the site, and have some fun too! 


I'm sure Workshop members will be keen to assist with advice about your floor. Do you know what type of wood your floorboards are? If not, perhaps a photo might help.



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Re: Waxing a sealed wooden floor

Hi @jacobat


You would need to sand your floors first. You can hire a floor sander but do be aware that they are big and heavy. How big is the space Jackie?



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Re: Waxing a sealed wooden floor

I haven't sanded and polished floorboards myself before. I've paid professionals to do it a couple of times and haven't regretted the expense. It seems like a difficult job. And the polyurethane coatings most people go with are pretty nasty so you need to keep out of the house for a few days. 


I've heard that the advantage of penetrating waxes and oils is ongoing maintenance. They are spot repairable - you don't need to do a full sand back to the bare timber of the total area. Of course you don't get a glossy finish and it can be a lot more expensive, especially if you need to use a hardener as well. 

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Re: Waxing a sealed wooden floor

I posted this in another discussion about waxing floors, perhaps there is some information on this link that will be of help to you.
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Re: Waxing a sealed wooden floor

Innovations were selling floor polishers in their catalog not so long ago

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