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Top tips for living greener

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Top tips for living greener

We all want to reduce our footprint on this fragile planet, but don't always know how to live greener.


The good news is there are plenty of ways to be more environmentally conscious without going to too much trouble or expense. 


In the discussion below, please share some of your top tips for going green at home to help inspire other community members to incorporate them into their daily routine.


I'm looking forward to reading your suggestions.



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Re: Top tips for living greener

An easy one for most people is to brew your own coffee and take it with you on your commute using a keep cup. Don't use those throwaway coffee pods and avoid takeaway coffee cups. It will save you a lot of money too! 

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Re: Top tips for living greener

Switch to LED globes. In Victoria I believe its still free from a lot of companies thanks to the rebates offered. Will also save you money. 

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Re: Top tips for living greener

I avoid excess packaging. Between the compost and the recycling bin I can get away with not taking out the garbage bin for 3 to 5 weeks
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Re: Top tips for living greener

The following tips will not only reduce your environmental footprint but also save you money:

* Start a vegie patch which means less trips to the shop and therefore reducing petrol use. Also there is no need for unnecessary packaging between the vegie patch and the kitchen.
* Intall a water tank to gather rain water for use on the garden and therefore reducing your water use.
* Install an irrigation system to further save on water.
* Start a worm farm - throw your vegetable scraps to the worms instead of to landfill - also saves on garbage bags. The castings and worm wee make excellent fertilisers instead of buying commercial ones.
* Start a compost bin or barrel - we have cut down our trips to the tip from 6 times a year to once or twice a year. It also saves wear and tear on the trailer and car as well as saving on petrol.
* Think outside of the square - recycle and up-cycle wherever possible further reducing land waste. A classic example is the current trend to turn wooden pallets into furniture, coffee tables, vertical gardens, porch swings, stairs, storage solutions, day beds, shoe racks, shelving, wine racks, compost bays, screens, home and garden decor, planter boxes, bike racks, and the list goes on.........

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