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Tech, tools and DIY

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Tech, tools and DIY

We're all big fans of tools and DIY, but something else I'm passionate about is tech. Tech in the sense of innovation and disruption, emerging tech, etc. AI, chatbots, automation, mobile first - the list goes on.


Just came across this little device - unsure how long it's been around as I haven't researched - and it looks like such a simple but useful device, all run from your smartphone

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Re: Tech, tools and DIY

Good topic @ProjectPete. I'm sure plenty of Workshop members share your passion for new tech.


I think the Walabot is relatively new to market, although @MartyH posted about it this time last year -


I reckon my favourite gadget from the last year was the robot that weeds the garden for you that @CathD shared. Weeding is such a chore!


Here's a couple of links to Bunnings pages on the topic that might be of interest:








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Re: Tech, tools and DIY

I see its US$90 direct at the moment @ProjectPete. Not sure how it would compare against something like this - 

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