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Refresh a bathroom / laundry/ kitchen zone

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Re: Refresh a bathroom / laundry/ kitchen zone

Love it! Especially the vases, they really bring the bring the place to life! I'll certainly consider the ceramic dolphins.

I'm hoping to have the cooktop front flush with a diagonal benchtop extending between the two benchtop surfaces but this might be may be tricky to model. Hopefully that will leave the drawers unencumbered.

Really appreciate the models!
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Re: Refresh a bathroom / laundry/ kitchen zone

Hello Rohan,


As promised here is your bathroom models.


Things to consider in this configuration:

- Standard washing machine height is 850mm you dont want your vanity too tall otherwise it becomes a pain to reach and use.

- You must have adequate access to the laundry taps. It must be easy enough for you to put the washing machine hoses on and for the machine outlet to be pluged into the plumbing outlet. It looks fantastic but if I have to call a handy man or a plumber to turn the taps off every time there is a leak . . . you may want to consider final position of washing machine taps.

- Plumbing for your vanity sink will be difficult and may need to use special fittings to avoid the washing machine.

- I suggest a sliding cavity door. This will take out the need for a swing area for the door and freeing up space for the toilet.

- I totally agree with closing off the toilet and vanity area to make it as 1 room.

- I kept a part of the wall separating the toilet and the vanity. This wall indicates the minimum space necessary for you to sit in your toilet area and not feel cramped in.

- Best to consult your builder on final position of walls and facilites in that area.

Goodluck and Cheers!


---rt1.pngBest to keep the shelves removable for easy access to plumbing and taps at the back.rt2.pngHeres a better view of the washing machine lay out.rtop.pngThis approximately shows you what it might look like once the wall is up and the cavity sliding door is in place.rspace.pngNice big space now for you to sit and not get hit by the door.rentrance.pngHere is the view from outside going in with the sliding door visible.


entfrkitch.pngThis is the view of what that entrance might look from the kitchen.


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