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Portable Bag organiser for entry way

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Portable Bag organiser for entry way

Finally got sick of my 3 kids dumping their bags, shoes etc at the front door every night! Not to mention the ninja like moves we’d recreate while entering the front door - trying not to fall over as our foot slips on a discarded item. So made this and suddenly my kids are able to put their stuff away nice and neatly (and safely)!C96C4BF8-04CC-49FF-90A7-F8F1CD9EC532.jpegAE98104C-F2EB-4C59-A577-471283460E4D.jpeg6D6C7C5D-BAE2-4AAB-9A44-EF9D9D6B3AF2.jpeg

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Re: Portable Bag organiser for entry way

Fantastic @Tara86. Great result. How are you going training the kids to use it?


And did you see @woodalwaysworks also shared a new coat rack and bench for his entryway? -




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Re: Portable Bag organiser for entry way

This is fabulous! Well done.

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