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Personal transortation

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Personal transortation

Hi all, I'm interested to hear from fellow Workshoppers what modes, & number of transport they have in their household. Just the category of transport, like hatchbach, sedan, 4WD, people-mover, RV kind of thing, with no car branding or model details. Of course it extends to bicycles, scooters, motorbikes etc.

Oops, I'm busted, I missed a little "p" in the thread title. Can that be fixed?



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Re: Personal transortation

Station Waggon..

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Re: Personal transortation

I've got a hatchback which I love, but I'm looking to get a bike (probably a fixie) in the near future for the morning commute.
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Re: Personal transortation

There's a station wagon parked at our place, too. It took another beating on the weekend when I picked up some more bluestone rounds for the garden. Those things a very big and heavy! Fortunately they just fit in the back with a few centimetres either side. 



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Re: Personal transortation

4WD, SUV, bicycles
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Re: Personal transortation

My black Gertie Getz is a lady of great achievements. She doesn't mind getting 'down and dirty' carrying potting mix,mulch,plants,etc., but spruces up nicely to transport goodies home from Melb.or the groceries from town. She even carried home a small refridgerator in an emergency and,would you believe, a garden shed from Aldi !! Had to tell my helpful mere male to get a taxi or walk home - no room for him in Gertie. Ha ha. Sorry @Andy_Mann but had to mention brand. And Gertie is a 3door hatchback. Cheers.

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Re: Personal transortation

sedan & 4x4
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Re: Personal transortation

4X4 and hatchback
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Re: Personal transortation

We have a hatchback which is awesome. You can fit a lot of stuff in it with the seats down. We also have a 23 year old hilux ute on loan from my brother which has come in very handy to pick up timber. I have a push bike. My hubby's bike was stolen We live right near the city, so we both walk and catch the bus. Much easier and cheaper than parking the car.
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Re: Personal transportation

Andy, my man, around our household we have three SUVs, several pushies, six skateboards, one scooter and a pair of roller skates. My personal fave is my old pushie, which gets me around Cronulla at light speed. No parking hassles and allows me to do any errands in double-quick time.

Also, here's a pick of the house at Culburra: Only took me 18 months to take this photo! Not the best shot, but I did have a few beers that arvo...



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