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Painting 80's aluminium doors

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Painting 80's aluminium doors

We recently completed phase 1 of our renovation and had most of our house professionally painted.


The rooms look completely new apart from the ugly aluminium doors that will not be replaced until phase 2 of the renovation in 18mths - 2yrs.


Does anyone have experience painting these?


aluminium doors 2.jpg

aluminium doors 1.jpg

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Re: Painting 80's aluminium doors

We had a similar problem in our back room - delightful mission brown aluminium doors but no budget to replace them. Our solution was to spray them with a metal spray paint (we used Dulux Metalshield epoxy enamel satin black). The process was super simple, just make sure you're careful with your taping and cover the entire window with newspaper to avoid overspray (lesson learned there). The only oversight was that I didn't use a primer, so if I was doing it again I would. Otherwise, we've been really happy with our 'new' doors, check out the before/after. 


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Re: Painting 80's aluminium doors

This should help -


It shows how to use spray paint to paint an aluminium window frame - the same as your doors. It recommends to use an etch primer first and be careful with the prep.



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Re: Painting 80's aluminium doors

@KingStreetReno, I painted our bathroom (amongst other things) while Tania was visiting her sister interstate, & was running out of time. I rushed it & got the ordinary ol' interior paint on our chocolate brown aluminium window surround, so decided to paint them too, rather than mess around. It actually looked great, so figured that if it lifted later on, I'd strip it back & work on a fix, but it still looks great, 20ish years later. Mind you, I only painted the window frame surround that the windows fit into, not the window frames themselves.


@Darren, from my experience, I wouldn't lose any sleep over not prime/etch coating first, just sit back, relax, & enjoy your new windows for years to come.


For those thinking of painting aluminium windows, by all means use the recommended prep coat for peace of mind.


My go to YouTube guy for painting, he knows his stuff, doesn't over complicate things & explains everything really well.



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Re: Painting 80's aluminium doors

Hi @KingStreetReno,


Just wondering if you've made any progress with this paint job?



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