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Paint effects on cheapo budget cupboard

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Paint effects on cheapo budget cupboard

I'm actually painting a large cheapo budget cupboard in Steampunk style. This will take a few different layers of paint in different colours. I basically know how to get the effect of old leather, but, do I sand it first? Do I use oil or water based paint for the base colour? Any suggestions would be gratefully received Cheers S

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Re: Paint effects on cheapo budget cupboard

Welcome to the Workshop community @strawdinaryfem. Great to have you join us. I'm sure you'll find plenty of information and inspiration on the site.


I moved your post to the interiors board so it can be more easily found by other community members, particularly our painting experts like @Simon. It sounds like a great project and I'm sure there will be other Workshop members who can give you some tips.



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Re: Paint effects on cheapo budget cupboard

If the cupboard has a gloss paint or vanish on it, you will have to sand. Sanding allows the paint to stick to the surface. I would give it a sand regardless. Good luck, it should look fab when you're finished.

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Re: Paint effects on cheapo budget cupboard

Hey @strawdinaryfem
If I were you I would use water based paint once you have sanded the surface. It should be a little cheaper to buy the paint, and much easier to use (drying time, smell, etc).
Have fun!

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