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Owner-builder reno & extension project

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Re: We have lift-off!

All go today!
We had a crane on-site to lift beams into place. Naturally I couldn't resist putting my GoPro on the lifting head
Here's a still from the video giving you an awesome birds-eye view of our project.


birds eye.jpg

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Re: We have lift-off!

And what are you doing with boards?

Community Manager Jason
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Re: We have lift-off!

Thanks for joining in the discussion @marthasimons. I'm sure @Adam_W will get back to you as soon as he can.


Let me also extend a very warm welcome to the Workshop community. We're pleased you could join us and look forward to reading about your projects and plans. 




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Re: We have lift-off!

Hey @marthasimons,
The boards that are still white/grey will all be undercover. The project is mainly creating a big all-weather outdoor living space.
We used the HardieDeck system which is just awesome to install & has a really cool finished look. I used them on another project which you can see here.

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Re: Owner-builder reno & extension project

Wow, that looks amazing ! Thanks for sharing details of your project.  Inspiring!

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