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New House Build-Concrete Footings

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New House Build-Concrete Footings

Siteworks and footings are the first stage of your build

I thought I'd share some of the new building photos, data and processes

Its great for linking in all the important info during your build

A special thank you to Shouri and Barry the Builder for sharing

If you require assistance post back or leave a PM




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Re: New House Build-Concrete Footings


Thanks for sharing, it's interesting to see how different engineers design strip footings. How deep is the strip and the footings? When I did my build my engineer designed the strip to be 250-300 deep and the footing 600 or 400 if we hit roc, its for a suspended slab.


IMG_1907.JPGStrip footing before concrete pour

IMG_1919.JPGBlock work before corefillIMG_1943.JPGSuspended Slab with bondek.


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Re: New House Build-Concrete Footings

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Re: New House Build-Concrete Footings

In the coastal areas of Perth the sand soils are quite stable for building on, the single storey footings are 300 wide x 300 deep
the added steel is for crack control as the client intends putting in large porcelain tiles
At an extra cost of a few $'s for the re entrant bars and upgrade mesh, it's well worth the extra,

The sand is also cheap enough to use as fill, I don't get a call for Bondek 

OT, if anyone requires Building information, footing cost comparisons, data, g-sheets,etc  leave a PM or email 

Appsb4Ubuild at Gmail  hth


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