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Need some help - Window pane putty

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Need some help - Window pane putty

Hi all,

Trying to keep warm during the winter months has led me to look at different ways to plug the gaps around the house.

i came across the issue of one of the bedroom windows not being fixed properly in the timber frame, and not sure how to fix it.

I've had a look around and the recommendation is to clear out the old putty and use a linseed putty to fill the gap and fix the window due to the timber.

has anyone had any success with this product, or can point me in the right direction to help?



IMG_2804.JPGThe old putty


IMG_2805.JPGWhat's falling away


IMG_2806.JPGNone around the edge


IMG_2807.JPGNot the best job first time round by the looks of it


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Re: Need some help - Window pane putty

Looks like a fair amount of shrinkage in the frame if those gaps were once tight. If you tap the wood does it sound solid or make a hollow sound?

Re: Need some help - Window pane putty

I recently refurbished some of our old wooden double hung windows and encountered the same issue. What I did was first remove the old putty along the side that is broken or damaged. Then replaced it with the linseed putty. I found it a little difficult to get a smooth finish but probably down to my technique. It was relatively simple to do and apply. Once done, I undercoated and repainted the whole window.

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Re: Need some help - Window pane putty

Many thanks for joining in the discussion and sharing your experience @Matthew. I'm sure @Dallas_Mc and other community members appreciate it.


Let me also extend a very warm welcome to the Workshop community. We're pleased you could join us and trust that you will receive lots of helpful advice and inspiration from your fellow community members. Please post whenever you need a hand or have something to share. We look forward to reading about your projects and plans.




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Re: Need some help - Window pane putty

Thanks @Brad & @Matthew. I'll give it a go over this weekend and share the results.

Would like to do a bit of a re-furb of the window, but just need to stop the draught coming through for the time being and save some coin!


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Re: Need some help - Window pane putty

Like Mathew stated, Linseed putty can be a bit messy, certainly a learning experience if you are only use to cement based fillers. My advice would be to ask for some of the silicone cove profiling pieces. You can find them in the paint shop normally hanging up. They allow you to form a curved cove joint between the glass and the frame. Fill the gap with a spatula, then form a nice seal with the silicone guides. If you are going to use your finger, perhaps try some olive oil then run it along. You'll find linseed putty is very sticky and is hard to lay where you want it.
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Re: Need some help - Window pane putty

I thought I'd provide an update as I finally had a chance to give it a go this weekend.

i ended up clearing out the old putty, brushing out any dust and applying the putty pretty easily (prob due to the warmth).

The timber window do need to be replaced but just need to stop the draught for now.

Gave it a bit of a smooth out, cleaned up the edges with a scraper and letting dry over the next few days before applying some paint.

Thanks for the help team

IMG_2911.JPGFrom the outside


IMG_2912.JPGClean up from inside


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