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How do you scrub up?

Community Manager Jason
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How do you scrub up?


Workshop community update #37


Hi all,


A very warm welcome to our latest Workshop members. It’s great to have you join the community. Please introduce yourself and make yourself at home.


It’s been a lively seven days on Workshop as the warmer weather encourages the community to get outside and pick up the tools.


One of the most interesting projects of the week was @placidarc’s garden tools transport trolley. Please keep us informed about how the build progresses, Mike. And community members who have more suggestions should keep adding to the discussion.


It was also pleasing to get an update from @geejaybee this week about the campaign to remove the tough weed soursob from the front garden. Great work geejaybee!


Some of the other popular Workshop posts from the past week included:







This week’s poll on whether you could live without a bath in the house also led to some lively conversation about how community members scrub up. Don’t forget to add your vote to the poll and join in the discussion.


Special thanks to our top contributors to Workshop this week. The members who posted the most popular content in the past seven days were @darylhewston, @Andy_Mann, @Jackson, @Kermit and @Isobel. Thanks again for your fantastic contribution to the community.



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Re: How do you scrub up?


Crikey mate, that damned bathroom stool's gone viral on here, do you happen to have its Bunnings code number?


Also great to have Daz (@darylhewston) back on the scene, I missed yah mate.

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Re: How do you scrub up?

Thanks @Andy_Mann I have been trying to wrap up a construction job that has gone about 14 months over and had my backside hanging out.  Been reading through the posts and have some suggestions that I will put out over the interweb shortly.  Stand by to standby.




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