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Getting the confidence to have a go

Community Manager
Community Manager

Getting the confidence to have a go


Workshop community update #27


Hi all,


A very warm welcome to our latest Workshop members. It’s great to have you join the community. Please introduce yourself and make yourself at home.


This week we introduced polls to Workshop. We will publish new polls regularly on a wide range of topics and hope you enjoy participating and learning more about other Workshop members. You can find the polls on the front page just under the Join the discussion icons. We’ll also make sure we create a new discussion for each poll so you can debate the topic if you wish.


In the past week we also paid another visit to the multi-talented Workshop member @She_Skills. Meg’s D.I.Y. classes for women are growing in popularity and it’s great to see more and more people getting the confidence to have a go and learn new skills. It’s certainly what the Workshop community is all about.


Some of the most popular Workshop posts from the past week included:









Special thanks to our top contributors to Workshop this week. The members who posted the most popular content in the past seven days were @John1, @Andy_Mann, @darylhewston, @Isobel and @Elly. Thanks again for your fantastic contribution to the community.



Community Manager

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