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Getting Quotes & Current Trade Rates 2017

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Getting Quotes & Current Trade Rates 2017

Trade Hourly charges & quotes can be misleading

So what are you really paying?

Here are some WA Trade rates advertised on-line

Not included in this article are rates for

1st year apprentices who earn <$15/hr 

Final year apprentices who earn <$20/hr


Here are my tips/checks for getting quotes

  • Supply complete Plans, Details, Specis & Engineering
  • Always get 3 trade written quotes (including GST) for the same work
  • Quotes should be broken down & itemised
  • For items being made/manufactured in workshops ask how long it takes for delivery  & Where it's made ie. Locally or China
  • Materials  as specified ie Supply & Fix or Fix only supplied by owner
  • Check listed material  items provided as "equivalent" to what is specified
  • Payment should be specified on the quote ie. X% deposit, Balance on completion,etc
  • Ask for a charge out rate $/hr or $/m2 for contingencies & non specified work
  • Ask about maintenance periods & warranties
  • Check your quantities ordered, delivered & fixed/ finished for variances
  • Check code & AS compliances

With quoted prices varying as much as 100%  do your homework & Do what you can to SAVE

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Re: Getting Quotes & Current Trade Rates 2017

Do you think rates in WA are much higher or similar to the rest of the country @BIM_Engineer?

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Re: Getting Quotes & Current Trade Rates 2017

@MartyH they are similar But the main problem here in WA is that tradies still think it's boomtown?... in reality WAs building economy is lagging behind the rest.

OT.. I am a big fan of data, apps & simulations for data statistic try the ABS App

I tell the subbies, LOL  "YOUR DREAMING, MATE check the ABS stats"

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Re: Getting Quotes & Current Trade Rates 2017

Just remember that the cheapest quote won't necessarily be the best.  Also, most domestic tradies have overheads like any other small business (insurance and the likes).  Most importantly, make sure they are licenced and current.




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Re: Getting Quotes & Current Trade Rates 2017

Apart from Plumbers, Electricians & other trades require licensing in WA
Licensing and registration and owner-builder approval in WA

That is why  we have the cheapest housing in Australia

Housing in Australia is expensive enough no need to licence every man and his dog on building sites..if anything free up trades and reduce costs


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