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Firing up the barbecue discussion

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Community Manager

Firing up the barbecue discussion


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Workshop community update #31


New community member and barbecue expert @MoonshineBen has made a sizzling start on Workshop with some piping hot contributions.


Ben’s How to smoke your own bacon post got the community salivating this week, while the question What’s your favourite cut of meat to BBQ? prompted more mouth-watering suggestions from members. Please keep them coming!


Thanks also to all Workshop members who have participated in our recent polls. This week we surveyed community members  about how they store their kitchen knives, while the current poll about freestanding versus built-in baths is prompting some interesting chatter. Please add your vote to the poll on the front page.


Here’s some other highlights from Workshop posts in the past week:









It was also fantastic to see so many terrific photos shared recently. Make sure you see @greygardener's flourishing garden, more shots from @Trying's She Shed renovation, and the results from the latest @She_Skills pallet workshop.


Many thanks to all Workshop contributors in the past week. The members who received the most likes for their posts in the past seven days were @MoonshineBen, @Andy_Mann, @darylhewston, @AndrewJones and @Brad.  


Looking forward to reading about your projects and plans over the next week. Keep posting!



Community Manager


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