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Electrical layout – how should we future proof?

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Electrical layout – how should we future proof?

Hi all,


We've been told to think about our light and power layout. What ports and sockets should we go for? We want to future proof as much as possible with technology changing so fast. I imagine Cat6 cabling to every room is the way to go?





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Re: Electrical layout – how should we future proof?

Networking cable is pretty cheap so it makes sense to run as much of it as possible. Especially if you are keen on home automation and/or sharing hi-def video around the house. I would at least do it for entertainment rooms like living rooms, home cinemas, studies and family rooms. But you could also say that the future is wireless so I’m not sure it would be a disaster if you didn’t do it – especially when it comes to bedrooms. And if you have kids you’ve got to weight up the potential benefits of internet for study purposes against the dangers… It might be harder to restrict access with a cable network compared to wireless. Marty

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Re: Electrical layout – how should we future proof?

100% agree with the networking cable.


Although wifi is the easier solution, nothing beats an ethernet connection.  You'll never have to worry about your devices dropping out. Also as you start to add more and more devices to your wifi network you are only going to weaken signals to all your devices. 


So for things like TVs or gaming consoles I always suggest plugging it in directly if possible.

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Re: Electrical layout – how should we future proof?

Hi @snichols, this is probably a late post but I put Cat6 cable throughout our home, out to the shed and even in the patio. I also put in electrical conduits for speaker cables, hdmi and av type cables between the wall mount tv and vcr (now called a dvd if I recall). Wifi is good if you are only running a few devices and have good encryption. A good position for a 'network switch' is at the top of your linen cupboard out of the way. Since I was running Cat6 to every room, I also ran RG6 (tv coax) to all bedrooms, shed, patio etc at the same time. The cat6 and coax share the same wall plate.

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