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Cladding over 1950s fibro

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Cladding over 1950s fibro

Hi Guys...

I'm still trying to solve the problem about cladding my old house! I have finally decided to repaint it with a heavy, textured paint instead of cladding, but I would still love to clad just the back of the house which is undercover and where we sit. As you might remember, I was asking about the use of pailing instead of expensive weatherboard or man-made substitutes, I wanted to simply fix it in place with a nailgun and liquid nails, but I was advised that, as the fibro would be brittle and crumbly, it could crack and release asbestos fibres into the air, etc. So, I've put the project on hold until I can work something out. I was just doing a little research online when I came across a company in NSW using 'Palliside Cladding' over old fibro. I notice in one of their photos (attached) that they appear to be fixing the cladding onto the old fibro with nails, or screws, and I would like to ask your opinions on this... is this dangerous, would it not create asbestos dust? Also, in the photo you can see that they've pulled off the old beading, so would this also be a dangerous thing to do, given that fibres could become airborne, etc.? I would appreciate your advice on this, many thanks, cheers, Johnimg_4718.jpg

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Re: Cladding over 1950s fibro

There would be some level of danger in removing beading and srewing down the sheets, there would be a danger if someone tries to remove the cladding later on especialy if they don't check what they are working with.


Iconplastics Palliside


Not something I have experiance in using, all my cladding work was in steel.

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Re: Cladding over 1950s fibro

Hi @Hansi,


I hope some Workshop members who have experience working with asbestos can assist you. But as per @Adam_W's reply to you a few weeks ago, please don't proceed until you get expert advice. You will need to ensure you take all the necessary precautions to protect yourself and minimise the release of dust or small particles.


Here's a couple of resources that might be useful to you:


The handbook Asbestos – A guide for householders and the general public


Fact sheets about working safely with asbestos around the home.


You can also contact your local council’s Environmental Health Officer or click on the links contained on the Health and Safety section of the Bunnings website.


All the best,



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Re: Cladding over 1950s fibro

A timely reminder given asbestos awareness month is coming up. See this post from last year for some info 

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