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Chalked paint


Chalked paint

Hi, I am a wanting to try the new chalked paint effect on some old furniture around the house.Is it true that you do not need to sand the furniture back before you start painting.

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Re: Chalked paint

Hi @Belco,


Welcome to Workshop. It's fantastic to have you join us. I trust that you'll receive lots of helpful advice and inspiration for your projects from our community members. 


This sounds like a fun project and I'm sure you can get some great results using chalked paint. Hopefully members will be able to share their experiences. We have some keen furniture restorers in the community, including @RobPegley, @mdy75, @Parks and @Beachbox.


I note that in the video below from Rust-Oleum they do say that sanding is not required, but for best results on a high-gloss surface or bare wood, a light sand is recommended. 




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Re: Chalked paint

@Belco I've got some nice effects by doing a light sand, then painting on a colour and giving a light sand when dry, then doing a coat of white undercoat over the top of that and sanding it back quite hard. You end up with an effect of colour revealed under white and a vintage feel.

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