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All the hard work is worth it

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

All the hard work is worth it


Workshop community update #12


Hi all,


It’s been great to hear what Workshop members love most about their homes in recent days. It’s often inspiring and motivating to see what special spaces others have been able to create. I encourage you all to share what you think makes your house special to you.


While there’s always something to be done, and often things that really annoy us about our houses, all the hard work creating a home is worth the investment.   


It’s been great to see plenty of other interesting discussions and projects on Workshop in recent weeks. We really appreciate you sharing your experiences and knowledge.


Our top contributors over the past week were @aly, @KingStreetReno, @WisteriaLane, @Kim and @kaylah_rose. Thanks for your fantastic contribution to the Workshop community.


Some of the most popular posts from the past seven days included:








Many thanks to Workshop members who have also shared Gallery photos in recent weeks. Feel free to share images of projects that you admire or inspire you, as well as showing off your own handiwork.


Hope you all have a great weekend, particularly those lucky enough to enjoy a longer break than usual. The Easter holidays are also rapidly approaching, so I’m looking forward to you sharing your plans and projects.



Community Manager

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