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Advice wanted for house renovations

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Advice wanted for house renovations

Hi there, I’m very new to this group . Hoping to get some advice from personal experiences .  We need to liven up and modernise our 19yr old brick home. Structurally it’s still very sound . I’d like to update bathrooms, kitchen and flooring , as we have many lifted n cracked tiles and looking at replacing them with floating floor boards - artificial ones - also new carpet.

wanting to do a lot and don’t know where to begin !!

Any advice would greatly be appreciated

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Re: Advice wanted for house renovations

Welcome to Workshop @mscully. We're pleased you could join us and look forward to reading more about your projects and plans. 


I would encourage you to share some photos of the spaces you'd like to renovate so members can see what you are working with and make some informed suggestions. You would also need to tell us whether for the kitchen and bathroom you plan on just a rejuvenation or a full renovation. The video below on bathrooms featuing @JasonD might give you some guidance in this area. 


We have lots of clever, creative and experienced members who will be happy to help once you've provided some more detail. 


Many thanks,




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Re: Advice wanted for house renovations

Hello mscully, if you take a photo of your kitchen and post it here on workshop I can draw up a mock up plan for you.
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Re: Advice wanted for house renovations

@mscully Welcome! Just popping in to say I can't wait to try and give you some helpful advice! As @Jason mentioned if you can break the projects down into areas and start a new thread on each with photos, plus some info as to what you want to achieve we can get going on the advice. Thanks for joining us!!

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Re: Advice wanted for house renovations

This sounds like fun @mscully  The separate threads will make it easier but to get you started...


Flooring - Laminate flooring is pretty straight forward to install yourself. Definitely a few tricks to it but you'll get the hang of it pretty quickly. Happy to help you out with any questions you have. Go for 12mm option and remember to budget for acoustic underlay and scotia/skirting to finish off. If it fits the budget I suggest checking out engineered floorboards.


Bathroom/kitchen - Lots to do here with some quick wins and some more ambitious changes. Have you thought about stone/laminate/timber/concrete benchtops? Do you want to replace cabinetry or are you happy to just paint existing?


When you create the separate posts, it'd be helpful to have a rough budget you're working to so we don't get too carried away with suggestions and equally that we don't undercook it for it

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