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treated pine posts - how deep the hole?

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treated pine posts - how deep the hole?

Hello, I am thinking of using 3600mm treated pine posts to use for espaliering.  How deep should the posts be sunk?  Likewise if I use 2600mm posts.


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Re: treated pine posts - how deep the hole?

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You might need to tell us a little bit more so members can assist. Are you planning to concrete the posts? Do they need to hold any weight? How long are they? If you could share a sketch or a photo, it would be even more helpful.


Thanks again for joining us, I'm sure there will be many members happy to assist your project. 




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Re: treated pine posts - how deep the hole?

Hi @Kittenlicks

I have peach and lemon tree espaliered.

I would consider Cypress Pine post over treated pine. Cypress will out last treated and there are no chemicals used in cypress, cypress stands up to the weather much better, they do cost a bit more but do the job better The hole needs to be at least 600mm min if weight is being applied to them. Use rapid set to set the post into the ground 

Here is a link for further info

and for a cold winters night sitting next to a warm fire with a glass of good red som extra reading

hope this help 

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Re: treated pine posts - how deep the hole?

Awesome, thanks so much, the cypress pine looks much better too !

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