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brick wall

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brick wall

hello everyone, i want to make my brick wall look nice at backyard of house. should i do render or should i use blueboard? if blueboard, how can i put on wall? any suggestion plzz 

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Re: brick wall

Hi @Stimandeep,


Good to see you make your first post on Workshop. I trust the community will have some good advice for you. Feel free to post again anytime you need a hand with a project. We have many community members who are happy to share their knowledge and experience. 


Welcome aboard.



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Re: brick wall

You sure it needs treatment? Brick can be very beautiful.


But if you are determined to change it, consider just painting the brick directly. Much easier than rendering and depending on the brick, the texture can look amazing. 

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Re: brick wall



I would advise against using blueboard. It cracks on the joins. See this post for what's happened at our place with rendered blueboard -



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Re: brick wall

I would avoid using blueboard. Rendering the bricks is a great way to give a you a nice modern look but can take a bit of effort. Painting is a much quicker solution and probably cheaper. Though i have been involved in 2 house renovations in which the bricks were directly rendered and they looked fantastic at the end.
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Re: brick wall

You've mentioned render and blueboard.


What about covering it in a creeper or some shelving with hanging plants? Au naturale

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Re: brick wall

Excellent suggestion from @ProjectPete.


This article might be useful to you @Stimandeep -

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