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Timber fixings for screening

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Timber fixings for screening

Hi All,


Want to build a vertical timber screen at home (merbau 42 x 19’s) Plan was to screw the battens to the joists. However, interested to know if the joists should be screwed or nailed to the posts?


Interested in thought & opinions. Thanks

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Re: Timber fixings for screening

Hi @g_coopster,


Let me tag a few of our helpful community members for you to share their opinion about whether to go with screws or nails for your screen. 











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Re: Timber fixings for screening

Hey @g_coopster,
Personally... I'd be going for screws. Neater finish, less chance of bruised timber.
Even if nailing you'd likely want to be pre-drilling & slightly countersinking with merbau too as the risk of spliting is high especially on the ends.
I used one of these a while back when I put up a slatted screen & found it seriously useful

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Re: Timber fixings for screening

I'd be going for an M10 coach screw and recess the head into the joist, or a cuphead bolt, that way as timber shrinks and ages you can tighten it up again. I have been known to over engineer things though.

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Re: Timber fixings for screening

Great tips, thanks for the feedback 

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