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The 2019 BBQ Thread

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The 2019 BBQ Thread

Hey all


Thought I'd get a new thread going to talk BBQ in 2019. I'm hoping to be much more active this year on the community now that I have some more time.


So over the break, we had a shot at our own version of the McRib (because let's face it, McDonald's one isn't great) as part of a competition on the Aus BBQ Alliance Group. We didn't win, but the end result was pretty amazing. We put the recipe up over here





So what did everyone cook over the break? Keen to see it, and any new toys!

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Re: The 2019 BBQ Thread

You owe me a new keyboard (my current one is now under a litre of drool) hahahahha. Thanks for the receipe I actually bookmarked it   I agree it looks a hell of alot better than the mcdonalds version.


I only have a basic cheap gas bbq on wheels, and a very basic woodfire bbq - but one day Id love a smoker too (I catch fish pretty much every day so a smoker would be nice) and some upgrades eventually would be nice as well hahahahah. Ive tried making my own fillet of fish using a flathead fillet came out alot tastier than the maccas version as well sdfasdf.JPG

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Re: The 2019 BBQ Thread

Finally got the new Char-Griller Akorn Junior out. Built a fire and seasoned the grills and burnt off any nasties in the unit from the manufacturing process for a few hours. Then last night threw some charcoal in and a few wood chips to cook a beef fillet. I found controlling the heat really easy but probably should have started with a different cut of meat. I didn't have time for a long cook but the smokey flavour probably doesn't suit the delicate beef fillet. Still very happy with the Akorn. It's going to be fun to play with. Will have to do a brisket or beef short ribs next time! Also want to try my own bacon. 




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