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Sunken fire pit inspiration

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Sunken fire pit inspiration

The new pad is going to have a sunken firepit...non-negotiable. Current plan is to place it between the alfresco and the pool area - there's 4.5m from the edge of the alfresco to the intended pool fence (toward back fence) with more than enough room laterally of 15m.


Besides getting ideas for the look and feel, I'm keen to get an idea of the ideal sizing accounting for seating/benching all (or at least most) the way round and comfortable walking area around the central pit, etc.


Have you got "brick and mortar" or more of a timber look? Maybe a combo of the two (or more)? Did you go for sqaure or round firepit?




Some inspiration so far...


Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Show me your sunken firepits...please :)



Fire pits are certainly very popular these days. I look forward to seeing some ideas from the community. In the meantime you might like to check out this previous discussion which has lots of fantastic suggestions - D.I.Y. fire pit ideas



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Re: Show me your sunken firepits...please :)

Love these designs...





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