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Screening / Vertical garden project idea

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Screening / Vertical garden project idea

This is something I put together in the DIY workshop because I had a fair few people asking about screening ideas.


After building the structure and placing the decking timber in position, I simply placed 2 holes side by side into position in the boards, ran some rope through the first hole knotting the end, and tracked it around the lip of the terra-cotta pot, and back through the second hole and knotted it at the back. 


I would also recommend irrigating and putting it on a timer for those that are time poor. The irrigation lines are well hidden because they can poke out from between the boards and enter the pot from behind. 


You could also paint the pots to add a pop of colour. Have fun with it. 



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Re: Screening / Vertical garden project idea

Looks fantastic. Many thanks for sharing @DIYology. I'm sure many members will be inspired by this idea. 




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Re: Screening / Vertical garden project idea

I want to do something similar but based in a concert filled trough on wheels... so I can roll it in front of the aircon unit when we sit outside. We have a wide narrow yard, so it's kinda in your face when you sit out there. Thanks for the idea, though I'll probably put a planter on top of the trough and grow a vine up it or something. I want to be able to wheel it up against a wall or fence when not in use.

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